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Wrestling is one of the greatest sports in helping kids build and develop skills that are valuable to succeeding in life.

All levels of wrestlers are welcome.

If your wrestler is going to compete in tournaments (not including middle school and high school matches) he or she must have a USA Wrestling card. Registration is free. The link is to the left under “Wrestling Info”

The varsity and junior varsity teams in middle and high school are decided through wrestle offs to determine the best wrestler for each weight class. All athletes must be academically eligible – see school’s handbook.

Styles of Wrestling:
There are 3 types of wrestling that your child may participate in throughout the year. Each style of wrestling has a unique set of rules. Each style of wrestling has a typical season and there are tournaments that are held throughout the year.

  • Folkstyle: Folkstyle wrestling is practiced mostly in American schools and colleges. It is the form of wrestling that ZWC will focus on in rec, travel and during the middle and high school wrestling season. The objective is to either pin your opponent or score more points by taking control over your opponent. Folkstyle season is November – February.
  • Freestyle: Freestyle wresting is practiced throughout the world. It is one of the two styles of wrestling contested in the Olympic games. You score points by exposing the back of your opponent to the mat. Freestyle season is March – May.
  • Greco-Roman: Greco is practiced throughout the world and is the second form of wrestling contested in the Olympic games. Wrestlers use their upper bodies to execute a variety of moves to score points or pin the opponent. Greco season is March – May.

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Call out meetings for middle and high school students will be announced on their respective school athletic pages. Call out meetings are followed by open mat times where students who are new to wrestling are encouraged to come and try it out. Returning wrestlers also participate in open mats.

ZWC utilizes TeamSnap as the primary source of scheduling and communication. Once you register or sign up, your coach will add you to the team’s account. If this is your first time with ZWC, you will receive an email confirming you have been added to your team’s TeamSnap account. Download the app and verify your contact information is up to date. High schoolers can edit their profiles to add their parent’s information.

Most tournaments use Trackwrestling to manage the event. Trackwresting has a mobile friendly site where you can search a specific tournament and find information on brackets and mat assignments.


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